Coming Attractions

The “troupe” or trio with whom I’ve been giving readings (with musical backing) from The Inherited Heart: An American Memoir–Jaqui Hope, vocals, Heath Proskin, bass, and me on piano–will be offering a third but revised and refined performance of that program on Saturday, August 24, 7:30, at the Museum of Monterey (5 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, California). For this presentation, we plan to take the “best” of the two previous book launch events and add new material (music I’ve written recently and new poems), so that the program will be “fresh.” A tentative title is: “The Best of The Inherited Heart: An American Memoir and New Poems Set to Music, Featuring Vocalist Jaqui Hope, Bassist Heath Proskin, and Bill Minor on Piano and Reading from His Work.”

The general intent of what we present remains the same as what we did before: to offer a musical presentation of playful and purposeful prose (and poems), lyric passages laced with original music and songs (standards) from the era depicted in The Inherited Heart: An American Memoir—the music adding a dimension to and enhancing the words.

More details regarding this upcoming event will be posted soon.

Pianist and author Bill Minor, center, with vocalist Jaqui Hope and bassist Heath Proskin in Pacific Grove, Calif.    Book Launch Troupe1

Also, throughout the month of August, Joanna Martin and Lalo Alvarez will offer–on their Santa Cruz Poetry Box TV program–the “Reading with Live Music” event they filmed at Old Capitol Books in Monterey on April 6. The performance will be presented, several times, on CTV (Community Television of Santa Cruz County)–Channel 27 in Santa Cruz and also as Live stream video online:

A full schedule for this screening will be posted as soon as I have it. Stay tuned!


Author: William Minor

I am a writer and musician who has published thirteen books: most recent Going Solo: A Memoir 1953-1958; also Gypsy Wisdom: New & Selected Poems; The Inherited Heart: An American Memoir, a comic novel (Trek: Lips. Sunny, Pecker and Me); three books on jazz (most recent: Jazz Journeys to Japan: The Heart Within), and six other books of poetry. A professional musician since the age of sixteen, I have released three CDs (most recent: Love Letters of Lynchburg--spoken word and original musical score commissioned by the Historic Sandusky Foundation in Virginia). I was educated at The University of Michigan, Pratt Institute, The University of Hawaii, UC-Berkeley (MFA in Painting and Drawing), and San Francisco State College (MA in Language Arts). I taught for thirty-two years (English, Creative Writing, Humanities) at The University of Hawaii, Wisconsin State University-Whitewater, and Monterey Peninsula College). Originally trained as a visual artist, I have exhibited woodcut prints and paintings at the San Francisco Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Smithsonian Institution. I have been married to Betty for sixty years and we have two grown sons: Timothy and Stephen. We live in Pacific Grove, California where, retired from teaching, I just write and play music, both of which I love.

One thought on “Coming Attractions”

  1. Bill —
    My first reply to a blog — ever — !!
    I’m so glad to have a place with info
    about your writings, your remarkable
    life, and some of your current views —
    as I myself am trying to pull myself up
    for a window-ledge view into the 21st
    century, this is a happy peek at part of
    what-is-out-there, as well as a rare
    glimpse of a full-filled, and well-lived
    life — thanks for sharing your remarkable times and out-look —
    George Penley

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